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By: Katie Charleston Law, PC

What Is a Business Lawyer?


What Is a Business Lawyer?

The straightforward answer to this question is that a business lawyer serves companies and corporations on a variety of matters pertaining to their business. The range of legal services needed by businesses varies depending on the nature and size of the business. In general, a business lawyer helps companies ensure their organizations are operating legally and above board.

Do Business Lawyers Work With Financial Aspects of a Business?

When a company’s finances merge with legal concerns, a business lawyer can help work through the details. This can include working with an accountant to review local, state, and federal taxes and make sure the business is in compliance with them. It can also help a business that needs to pursue bankruptcy, which can be highly complex at the business level.

How Do Business Lawyers Help Companies Stay Within the Law?

There are a number of ways business lawyers help companies avoid legal issues that could lead to court sessions and hefty fines. These lawyers will monitor local regulations that must be followed, including getting the necessary permits and licensing. Many businesses today, large and small, need some sort of licensure to open, and they need that license to actually do business.

Business lawyers can also help a company work with copyright laws, another complex area. There are two angles to copyright law. The first is researching your business idea and name to make sure they haven’t already been created and copyrighted by someone else, which would put you in violation of their copyright. The second is making sure you have proper copyrights for any relevant products or names so that you’re protected from someone trying to copy your work.

How Do Business Lawyers Help With Employee Issues?

Having employees can lead to the need for legal services to protect both sides. A business lawyer will review contracts to make sure the company is not at risk from the actions of the employee. They can also advise on matters around compensation, issues of harassment and discrimination, and other topics, as well as how to communicate to employees about these issues.

If your company has employees that travel to foreign countries or you move out of the country even temporarily, a business lawyer can help you navigate the bureaucracy and governmental regulations around this type of employment immigration.

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